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Dr. Shawn's Minty Fresh Dental Spray

Dr. Shawn’s Minty Fresh Dental Spray...because your pet deserves the best!

As is true with all of the products in the Dr. Shawn’s line, the dental spray is natural (only natural organic oils as the active ingredients,) easy to use, and inexpensive. It is the only pet dental spray formulated by a holistic veterinarian that contains no chemicals, artificial preservatives, artificial colors, artificial fragrances or alcohol. It is bottled in BPA-free plastic containers. And because it is a natural dental spray, it is safe for the environment as well as for your pet.

To use, you have several choices. First, you can simply spray it directly on the pet’s teeth and gums 1-2 times daily to control tartar, gingivitis, and provide fresh breath. Or if your pet allows his teeth to be brushed, spray it on the brush before each use. Finally, 1 or 2 sprays placed right into the pet’s water for easy administration can help as well.

While regular dental cleanings are important, using a product such as Dr. Shawn’s Minty Fresh Dental Spray can make your job easier and may reduce the number of professional dental cleanings your pet requires.


Dr. Shawn's Minty Fresh Dental Spray:

Minty Fresh Dental Spray

Dr. Shawn's Minty Fresh Dental Spray

Purified water, natural peppermint oil, natural spearmint oil, organic clove oil, organic thyme and natural rosemary oil.

Contains NO alcohol.
For dogs & cats over 8 weeks of age.

4 oz. Bottle - $10.99

To order any of dr shawn's products, please email your order request to: Include your name, phone number, and product(s) you would like to order. Someone from our office will contact you during our regular business hours to complete the order.

Your pet will look forward to a clean mouth and fresh breath with Dr. Shawn's Minty Fresh Dental Spray. Environmentally friendly. Safe for all animal members of your family. Totally unique. Totally great.



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