Mast Cell Cancer….Treatment Thoughts

February 23, 2015 on 9:12 am | In General Posts | Comments Off

I’m often asked for guidelines on treating specific types of cancer…Since each case is unique and different, only general suggestions can be made.

For cases with clean margins on the pathology report following surgery to remove the tumor, this is an easy call…aggressive supplements, no chemo or radiation.

For tumors with  dirty margins (cancer cells are left behind following surgery,) this is a tougher call and without seeing the path report I can’t comment specifically…but chemo (+/-Palladia,) and /or local radiation can be helpful…PLUS tons of supplements and autosanguis detox..I follow these cases with exams and blood testing (esp for TK, CRP, and vitamin D) every 3 months…..this protocol usually gives outstanding results and often complete “cures.”

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