Thoughts for the New Year from Dr. Shawn

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As we begin 2015 I want to first thank all of you for your support. Thanks for emailing your questions and suggestions for my column. Thanks also for those of you who came to visit my practice, Paws & Claws Animal Hospital/Holistic Pet Center, so you can begin keeping your pets healthy naturally by saying “No” to unnecessary vaccines, chemicals, and medications. Your pets and I thank you!

Here are some highlights from 2014 and some important points to ponder in 2015.

1.Say “No” to drugs and vaccines-Pets do not need and should not receive vaccines more than a few times over the course of their lives. A simple and inexpensive blood titer test can tell you which vaccines your pet needs and when he needs it. Most pets in our practice get minimal puppy and kitten vaccines and then receive boosters a few times over the next 15-20 years (yes,15-20 years is the AVERAGE life expectancy in our practice compared to 10-13 years in the typical conventional practice.) In place of medications, most pets receive natural therapies to treat them when they are ill. This is true regardless of the disease: pets with seizures, ear and skin infections, bladder and bowel problems, neurological and arthritic diseases, and even cancers rarely receive strong medications unless absolutely necessary. This results in less expense for the pet parent, as well as greater health and a longer life for most patients.

2.Prevent diseases when possible-Lab testing of the blood, urine, and feces, focusing on bionutritional analysis, can uncover diseases very early and allow restoring the pet to health before it becomes ill. Regulating your pet’s vitamin D-3 and CRP levels (you do have your pet tested for these don’t you??) will minimize inflammation, the root cause of most chronic problems in people and pets. Testing is easy and inexpensive; keep in mind that 96% of dogs suffer from vitamin D deficiency and 50% are high in CRP, making it likely your pet has at least one of these problems.

3.All lumps are cancerous until proven otherwise-I see way too many pets with “fatty tumors” that are in fact cancer once we biopsy them with a tiny needle during the office visit. No doctor can tell the difference between fatty lumps and malignant cancers by looking and feeling the tumor. If your pet has a tumor, it MUST be biopsied in the office or removed and sent for a pathology review. Don’t watch cancer kill your pet! Most tumors can be cured when removed early and the pet placed on supplements for immune support.

4.All pets, even older ones and those at high risk, can be safely given anesthesia with a holistic approach to anesthesia-No pet is too old or too sick to help, and sedation/anesthesia is safe when done correctly. We use a holistic, minimal-anesthesia approach for dental cleanings and many surgeries. The pets do great while asleep, wake up quickly without ill effects, and go home within minutes of the procedure. If your doctor doesn’t feel comfortable with senior pet anesthesia, find someone who does this all the time so your pet can receive the care it wants and needs.

5.Strongly consider pet insurance-We offer a 1 month trial of insurance for free, and most owners continue with it after the trial. Many, many pets are saved when bad diseases like cancer are diagnosed and the owner only has to pay 10% of the final bill! The typical cost for a weekend at the emergency room is around $3000, referral to a specialist for care is $2500 minimum, and extensive cancer treatment is $10,000 and up. If you would have to decline treatment due to cost, get inexpensive insurance for your dog or cat.

A great and prosperous 2015 to all of you!

Dr. Shawn’s Itch Relief Shampoo Favored by Whole Dog Journal

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I’m happy to report that my best-selling shampoo, Dr. Shawn’s Itch Relief Shampoo,has been picked as the editor’s favorite by Nancy Kerns, editor of Whole Dog Journal. Here is what she said in a recent issue.

I don’t wash my dogs that often, perhaps once a month. So I want a shampoo that will make Otto’s coat clean, soft, and smelling good, without drying his skin (and making him itch) or conditioning Tito’s fur to the point of greasiness. Also, I expect my dogs to continue to look and smell clean for at least a few weeks after their baths. Maybe that’s asking too much– because a lot of the dog shampoos I’ve tried fail at some important part of my wish list. For example, one product cleans them well, but leaves their coats full of static electricity, so that their loose hair flies around and magnetically sticks to everything. Another one is difficult to rinse out completely, giving my dogs an oily look and feel after just a few days.

My quest for a superior dog shampoo leads me to try each and every shampoo that comes into my office unsolicited and every new natural product I see in pet supply stores. But in recent months, I’ve found myself reaching for the same bottle again and again; my quest may have ended with this product, which was formulated by holistic veterinarian Shawn Messonier. It doesn’t overlather, yet gets the dogs really clean, and because it’s made with organic coconut oil, it’s gentle on Otto’s often-irritated skin (he suffers from environmental allergies in the spring and fall). The product contains lemongrass and lavender, so it smells divine, and it contains no artificial colors or fragrances, or sulfates.

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