Demodectic Mange and Natural Therapies

December 27, 2014 on 11:51 am | In General Posts | Comments Off

Demodectic mange is a common disease of puppies and a rare disease of older dogs. Due to a defective immune response the mange mites, which normally live in small numbers in the hair follicles, reproduce and damage the hair follicles and skin, causing the disease we call mange.

Diagnosis is usually easy and based upon finding the mites (see photo) in a skin scraping.

While conventional treatment may be needed, all cases require immune support to help the body’s immune system kill the mites and heal the skin.

When conventional medications are used for mange treatment, liver support is also needed to reduce toxicity of the therapies.

In my practice, most cases respond well to natural therapies and only rarely are conventional medications needed for cure. Since most of the affected pets are puppies or young dogs, these pets must NOT receive vaccines during their treatment (usually vaccines are not needed for most pets anyway based upon titer testing.)

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