Older Pets and Anesthesia

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Many doctors refuse to anesthetize older pets, fearing the pet may not make it through anesthesia. However, my experience has shown that IF the proper anesthesia is given and the pet carefully monitored during the procedure, older pets are at no greater risk of anesthesia problems than younger ones. Most of my patients are 10+ years of age; many are actually 15 years of age and older. All of them do quite well with their procedures and do not suffer any ill effects from anesthesia.

Having said this, IF your doctor does not want to anesthetize your pet because the pet is “too old,” find someone who has experience with older pet anesthesia and have the procedure done quickly and safely!

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Kidney Support herbal formula is also recommended for pets with disorders of the liver and heart.

It is also recommended for kidney support for breeds of dogs and cats which are genetically prone to problems of the kidneys, such as Lhasa Apso, Abysinians, and Persians. It contains arctostaphylos, cleavers, gravel root, dandelion, burdock, and marshmallow.

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Homeopathic Treatment for Allergies to Pets

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The letter started, “Dear Dr. Shawn: Our family has a sweet cat named Doogie. While we really love him, our 12-year-old daughter was recently diagnosed with allergies, and it seems one of the things she is allergic to is Doogie. We do not want to give Doogie away, but is there anything we can do to ease our daughter’s suffering?”

This problem is unfortunately quite common. Allergies to pets can be quite severe, and since family members are always in contact with the pet, relief is hard to come by for the sufferer. When the family pet is involved, a crisis situation often arises. No one wants to find another home for the cat, yet family members cannot suffer allergy attacks.

Cat allergies seem to be more from the cat’s saliva, or antigens in the saliva, rather than the hair. Cats constantly groom themselves, spreading their antigenic saliva on their hair. As the hair is shed in the house, it comes in contact with allergic family members causing their discomfort.

There are several things that can be tried to help people with cat allergies. Various shampoos, sprays, and wipes can be used. Their effectiveness varies, and many cats do not like to be frequently bathed or sprayed.

From a natural perspective, I have had good success with homeopathic acepromazine.
Acepromazine is commonly used as a tranquilizer to calm nervous pets or to ease recovery from anesthesia. Homeopathic preparations of acepromazine use small amounts of the tranquilizer diluted in water. Several drops of this tasteless remedy are added to the cat’s food each day.

While we don’t know exactly how this helps some cats to become “less allergic” to family members, apparently the acepromazine binds the allergens in the cat’s saliva without sedating or otherwise affecting the cat. I have had many clients use this natural therapy with good success and no side effects.

A recent case that comes to mind involved a gentleman whose fiance was highly allergic to his cat, and he feared he would have to give the cat away when he married. Fortunately, therapy for several weeks with homeopathic acepromazine solved the problem, and his new wife is now able to enjoy having the cat in the house. As I told Doogie’s owner, while nothing is effective in every case, I recommended trying it as she might be able to keep Doogie around without causing discomfort to her daughter.

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