Say Good-Bye to Annual Vaccinations

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Now that summer is here, many of you will be getting annual reminders from your veterinarians to schedule an appointment for your pet’s “shots.” I’d like to offer a suggestion to try something different this year. Say “No” to the shots and “Yes” to health care.

All current research shows that the vaccines currently available for our pets produce excellent, and usually long-lived immunity (with rare exceptions like the Bordetella vaccine for kennel cough, which really isn’t necessary for most pets.) As a result, annual vaccines are NOT needed and SHOULD NOT be given to our pets.

However, it is important to make sure your dog or cat has adequate protective immunity to diseases such as parvo virus, distemper virus, calici virus, and panleukopenia virus. This is easily done with an inexpensive blood antibody test called a titer test. The test is run annually in place of vaccines. If and when a titer test is low, the pet can be immunized with the appropriate vaccine (sick pets do not receive vaccines until they are healthy, and cancer patients are NEVER vaccinated.)

Here are some questions to ask yourself (and your pet’s doctor) before agreeing to vaccination.

1.Does my pet need any vaccines this year?

2.If so, why?

3.How do you know which vaccines my pet needs??

4.What side effects might occur with vaccination?

5.Does the vaccine prevent the disease or simply possibly minimize illness?-(Most vaccines for pets and people do NOT prevent infection!)

6.Is my pet healthy to receive any vaccines it requires?

7.Does the disease have a high morbidity/mortality?

8.Is the disease easily treatable?

9.Is my pet likely to be exposed to the disease?

Many people accuse holistic doctors of being “anti-vaccine,” which is not at all true. We are simply against vaccinating our patients when they do not need vaccines.

The focus of a holistic approach to care focuses on more than “yearly shots.” Instead, the following are essential components of an annual visit to a holistic doctor.

1.Complete physical examination to determine if any health problems are present that could become serious or life-threatening. These problems need to be addressed in a timely fashion.

2.Titer testing to determine if any vaccines are needed. Usually they are not as the pet’s titer shows good protective immunity. Further vaccinating this pet is a waste of money, will not help the pet, and may cause serious and even fatal immune diseases including cancers (it’s not coincidental that most of my cancer patients were recently and unnecessarily vaccinated!)

3.Laboratory evaluation. This consists of blood and urine analysis to look for diseases such as anemia, leukemia, kidney disease, diabetes, liver disease, heartworm infection, and thyroid and adrenal gland diseases (very common in middle-aged to older pets, and easily treated with natural medicines.) A microscopic fecal analysis, done twice annually, determines the presence or absence of intestinal parasites, some of which are easily transmitted to other pets and pet owners.

Following the advice I’ve given, you can avoid unnecessary and potentially harmful vaccines while still keeping your pet healthy.

Warning About Web Stores

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i one of my email groups, a reader voiced concern about some pet supplements (manufactured by RX Vitamins) she found cheaper on the internet. When she gave them to her pet, the pet got very ill….here is my response to her cautionary post…

Dr. Shawn says….I love their line of products and use some in my cancer protocol…however your letter points out a problem all of us have….”someone” on the web sells the products cheaper than I pay for them, so pet owners turn to the net to save money and get black market products that the company will NOT stand behind (neither will the web reseller by the way..) the company makes good products but none are cheap…get them from your vet who is authorized to sell them AND who knows if they are compatible with other therapies!

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