Rita’s Story

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Last Friday, I had to make the decision to euthanize our beloved dog Rita. Rita was a 12 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. As many of you know, members of this breed almost universally develop heart disease and subsequent heart failure, often very early in life. We were fortunate that Rita did not develop her heart disease until she was 8 years old. For the first 2 years she was treated with only natural therapies. As expected, over time her heart disease progressed to heart failure. For most of the time she had heart failure, her clinical signs were well controlled with natural medicines plus low dosages of only a few conventional medications.

A few weeks ago her clinical signs worsened, and a cardiac ultrasound showed advanced heart failure. Despite adding another medication to her regimen, and despite initial improvement, our hope of getting her to around 15 years of age was not to be.

Last Friday I took Rita to work, as I do most days, for her regular bathing. Shortly after her bath, she began having trouble breathing. Despite intervening with additional intravenous and oral medications, plus oxygen therapy, her condition worsened.

I called my wife Sandy and told her to come to the office as soon as she could to say goodbye to our beloved little Rita. Unfortunately my daughter is still away at college and was not able to see Rita one last time.

As my wife, my staff, and I tearfully said goodbye, with Rita looking at us with her sad but loving eyes that is a hallmark of the Cavalier breed, I had to inject euthanasia solution into her body to end her suffering.

I’m often asked if it’s hard for veterinarians to have to perform euthanasia, especially on our own pets.

The answer is both “Yes” and “No.”

“Yes,” because we never want to say goodbye to a favorite patient or our own animal family members who have brought us unconditional joy, love, and happiness.

“No” because despite the sadness that always comes with ending a life, I know that I am giving the suffering pet one last act of kindness. To let a pet suffer is cruel, and despite the difficulty of giving the life-ending injection, I know it is the most humane thing I can do for the pet, the final loving gift I can give.

Even though we miss Rita dearly, we are comforted by the joy we shared with her even though she was with us for only a short time. Our sadness will slowly give way to joy as we remember the good times with her, continue to share our love with our 2 cats Dysa and Willows, and someday maybe have another furry little friend with whom we can experience the pleasure that only can be met by having another pet join our family.

Special Limited Time Offer on a Great Supplement

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Our friends at Pet Togethers are offering a special for all new customers. Many of you already give your dog or cat the special daily supplement called Vim & Vigor made by Pet Togethers. For dogs it’s a liver-flavored treat, and for cats a bacon-flavored powder. All of my pets love their Vim & Vigor, and I know this special combination of vitamins, minerals, colostrum, enzymes, probiotics, and herbs helps keep them healthy and acting youthful.

If you’d like to try it, here is their special offer for new customers.

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A Natural Way to Treat Cancer

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“If you don’t support the immune system of the cancer patient, the patient will die much sooner.”

Those wise words sum up why so many pets and people struggle with chemotherapy and radiation therapy, suffer complications, have a poor quality of life, and yet die of their cancers.

Immune support of sick pets, especially those sick with cancer, is the most critical part of treatment. Without immune support, the patient can’t fight its illness and eventually succumbs.

It doesn’t have to be this way. With proper immune support, most cancer patients can live longer while keeping their cancers in remission. In some cases, immune support can be life-saving and offer a cure for even aggressive cancers.

Over the course of my career treating cancer patients, I have seen the positive effects of immune support. For most of my patients, a life expectancy of 1 ½- 2 ½ years following a diagnosis of cancer is typical (the average cancer patient not treated with immune support lives about 8-12 months.)

To treat pets with cancer properly, early diagnosis and aggressive treatment are critical. Here are several steps for diagnosing and treating cancer that have worked well in my practice.

1.Aspirate or biopsy every lump-While most lumps are not cancer, if we assume they are until we prove otherwise, we will never misdiagnose a pet’s cancer. A simple aspirate examined microscopically in the office can help us determine if the lump is benign or malignant.

2.No one can diagnose lumps by feeling them-Benign fatty tumors feel and look the same as malignant, aggressive cancers. You must aspirate or biopsy the lump to tell the difference.

3.Vaccines can cause cancer and can make cancer grow faster-Therefore, don’t vaccinate pets unless a blood titer test determines the pet needs a vaccine, and NEVER vaccinate pets with cancer.

4.Natural therapies usually increase your pet’s chances of living longer-In our practice, the typical cancer patient lives 1.5-2 times longer through the use of natural medicines (in addition to or in place of chemotherapy and radiation therapy.) If you don’t support the pet’s immune system following the diagnosis of cancer, what keeps the cancer from returning? The answer is…NOTHING. Don’t be surprised when cancer returns (quickly) if you don’t provide immune support to keep the cancer in remission. Natural therapies we have used with much success include herbs, homeopathics, nutritional supplements, detoxification, autosanguis therapy, and autologous blood stem cell therapy.

5.Early diagnosis is critical-Regular checkups (every 6 months for most pets) and lab testing (blood, urine, feces) can uncover many cancers. Lumps felt at home by the pet owner should be examined once they are discovered. Certain breeds, such as retrievers, boxers, and Scottish terriers, have higher incidences of various cancers and should be screened aggressively for these cancers.

6.Get pet insurance-Treating cancer is expensive and can easily cost over $10,000. If this is cost prohibitive, get pet insurance before your pet gets cancer (and make sure the insurance covers natural therapies as well as conventional therapies.)

Finally, don’t give up. I’ve seen way too many pet owners who were told that “nothing can be done” for the pet with cancer (and many other diseases,) and yet when natural therapies were administered the pets often showed dramatic improvement and remissions. For cancer, a second opinion and proper immune support is often the difference between life and death.


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Mimi is a two year old yellow Labrador retriever. And like many Labrador retrievers, Mimi has suffered from chronic skin infections secondary to an underlying allergy problem for most of her short life. Her conventional veterinarian has treated her allergies and secondary skin infections with a number of medications, including prednisone (a corticosteroid) and numerous antibiotics including cephalexin, enrofloxacin, clindamycin, and trimethoprim-sulfa. While the antibiotics and corticosteroids temporarily helped resolve Mimi’s infection and itching, she usually relapsed within one to two weeks of stopping the medications. Referral to a dermatologist resulted in Mimi being treated with allergy shots plus more antibiotics and corticosteroids for the last 12 months, also without any resolution of her underlying problems. It bothered her owners to see her continuously on medications that did not seem to offer any long-term resolution of her itching and skin infections. After several years of consultations with various veterinarians who failed to fix the problem, her owners decided that “enough was enough,” and came to see me in an attempt to get Mimi off of all of these medications and ultimately fix her problem.

Even though drugs such as antibiotics and corticosteroids are sometimes necessary to help pets with skin disease, it is not uncommon to see pets suffering from the cycle of repeated drug use with little to no long-term resolution of their original problems. This was obviously the case with Mimi. While even holistic doctors sometimes need to use these medications on a short-term basis to allow the disease to quickly be brought under control, long-term resolution can only be accomplished when we focus on healing rather than the actual disease. Additionally, various nutritional supplements, herbs, and homeopathic remedies that have antibiotic like activities and corticosteroid like activities can often be used in place of these medications to help pets with these chronic problems. Various supplements such as Dr. Shawn’s Olive Leaf Plus, echinacea, astragalus, medicinal mushrooms, homeopathic sulfur, omega-3 fatty acids, and antioxidants work amazingly well in the treatment of skin disease in our pets. Additionally, aggressive and frequent bathing with an organic shampoo designed to remove environmental allergens, relieve itching and inflammation, and kill microorganisms is an important cornerstone that is often overlooked or neglected in the treatment of pets with skin diseases.

While I knew I could help Mimi by using various natural remedies in the treatment of her allergies and skin infections, it was obvious that her body was one toxic soup due to all of the medications she had been taking for most of her life. I suspected that the drugs had temporarily damaged her intestinal system (which could ultimately lead to a condition called leaky gut syndrome) and no doubt were affecting her liver as it worked overtime to detoxify and excrete these medications. True healing would be best served if I could help cleanse Mimi’s body. Therefore I placed Mimi on a one-month mild detoxification program designed to remove any toxins accumulating in her body and help heal her organs, along with several natural remedies to assist in the treatment of her skin disease.

I placed Mimi on a supplement called Nutrigest from RX Vitamins for Pets. This supplement is prescribed to help heal me needs damaged intestinal cells and restore a normal healthy population of bacteria and was likely damaged due to her chronic medical therapy.

I also placed her on Dr. Shawn’s Liver Support. This is one of my favorite supplements for liver support and would aid in strengthening the liver as I detoxify at her body.

Finally I placed Mimi on a mild homeopathic detoxification protocol utilizing several homeopathics, including lymphomyosot, berberis, and nux vomica. These homepathics are designed to allow a gentle detoxification of the urogenital system, gastrointestinal system, and blood and lymphatic systems. By addressing these areas of her body, I was able to assist her in healing so that she could make a full recovery.

By detoxifying the body, we open the door for further healing to occur. Mimi responded well to her detoxification and natural approach to healing her skin, and is currently on a few supplements to maintain her health.

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