New Supplement to Help With Constipation and Anal Sac/Gland Problems in Dogs & Cats

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Anal sac disease is a really common problem in dogs and also occurs cats. Typically the anal sacs become impacted, which means the pet can’t properly express the contents of the sacs during a normal bowel movement. As a result the pet licks its rear end or scoots the rear end on the floor as it attempts to empty its anal sacs.

While not an emergency, the longer it takes for proper treatment the greater the chance the pet’s impacted anal sacs will become inflamed, infected, and rupture open! Therefore treatment needs to be done as soon as clinical signs are noticed.

In my practice, there are 2 phases to properly treating pets with anal sac impactions. First, I attempt to empty the impacted sacs by gently squeezing them. Some impactions are difficult to empty when the pet is awake, often due to extreme discomfort experienced by the pet or if the impactions have thickened, making them difficult to easily empty. These pets usually need light sedation to help them (and their anal sacs) relax. Sometimes the anal sacs must be infused with water or medicated solutions to soften and liquefy the thickened secretions before the sacs can be easily emptied.

Second, and most important, I practice preventive medicine, so I always want to prescribe a natural remedy to try to reduce future impactions. The supplement I choose for my patients is my own herbal formula called Scoot No More. Scoot No More ($14.99 before discount) is a natural supplement that helps the pet naturally express its anal sacs to minimize impactions. It contains flax seed, psyllium seed, dandelion, and pumpkin to help support the GI tract and encourage healthy bowel eliminations and discharge of the anal sac contents. (Hint-It also is my favorite supplement for pets suffering from constipation!)

Following this natural regimen works for most pets with anal sac impactions and avoids surgery.

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Olive Leaf Exract-Great for Skin and Ear Disease and Immune Support

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This week the product I’m going to highlight from my online natural pet store is Olive Leaf Plus. It’s a great supplement to use to support your pet’s immune system and is used by healthy pets as well as those with any illness in which immune support would be beneficial, AND it’s also my favorite supplement to use for pets with ear and skin infections caused by yeasts and bacteria (and is one of the main reasons I rarely use antibiotics and have never used anti-fungal medications in my practice for these pets.) Of course I can’t promise your pet will achieve the same results as my patients, and I can’t make any drug claims since this product is not a medication, but I can share my own experiences with you.

Since using Olive Leaf Plus as part of my protocol for pets with ear and skin problems, my use of conventional medications has decreased significantly for these problems. All of my patients with any type of ear or skin infection are prescribed Olive Leaf Plus, and as a rule I rarely have to prescribe antibiotics or anti-yeast medications for them.

For those of you wanting to try to avoid excessive use of antibiotics and anti-yeast medications, here is my protocol to get you started:

For skin problems, use Dr. Shawn’s Itch Relief Shampoo either daily or several times each week followed by Dr. Shawn’s Herbal Ear Wash to keep the ears clean following bathing, plus Olive Leaf Plus.

For ear problems, use Dr. Shawn’s Herbal Ear Wash twice daily for 1-2 weeks then as needed to keep the ears clean, plus Olive Leaf Plus.

New Supplements on Dr. Shawn’s Website

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NOW here….Dr. Shawn’s natural products (shampoos, ear wash, and natural supplements, including cancer/immune supplements and GI supplements!) at (or Products currently available include 2 shampoos (including the best-selling Itch Relief shampoo,) ear wash, Scoot No More (for anal sac issues,) Olive Leaf Plus (great for immune support, cancer, and skin and ear problems,) Healthy Qi (to maintain a healthy immune system and to support pets with cancers and other immune disorders,) and CI Support (also for immune support, especially for cancer patients.) These are the same products I use in my practice and recommend in my books and on my radio show. They have all been specifically reformulated with LOWER PRICING!

This week the product I’m going to highlight is CI Support. It’s a great supplement to use to support your pet’s immune system, especially for pets with cancer. It’s compatible with other cancer supplements (such as my Healthy Qi and Olive Leaf Plus) as well as chemotherapy and radiation therapy. CI Support contains the following all natural herbs-scute, cordyceps, poria, American ginseng, and coix to help support the immune system and fight infection and cancer.

Check it out at

Dr. Shawn’s New Natural Store

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After working feverishly for too many months to count, I have now set up my new online store where you can purchase some of the same all-natural products I prescribe to my patients. A sampling of the products include my all-natural shampoos and ear wash, a great herbal product for pets with anal sac problems, and several high quality, human-grade natural herbal remedies for immune support (great for any sick pet, especially pets with cancer.)
Check it out now at, and click on the link on the left side of the page for  Dr. Shawn’s Naturals Store.

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