Cancer:You and Your Pet

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Regarding cancer therapies, we really haven’t made much progress in the war on cancer.

About 40 years ago, President Nixon declared war on cancer. His goal was to find a cure for this horrible disease. Sadly, we are no closer to reaching that goal today than we were 40 years ago. In most cases (a notable exception being leukemia (specifically a cancer called A.L.L.) in children,) we really haven’t done a better job of treating or curing cancer. While it is true that survival rates have increased, this is mainly due to early diagnosis. People and pets with Stage 3 or Stage4 metastatic cancer rarely survive.

The situation is no better for our pets. While treatment protocols have changed over the last 40 years, most pets with cancer are expected to only live 6 to 12 months following diagnosis, and that’s ONLY if owners spend thousands of dollars treating the pet with surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy.

The good news is that using an integrative approach changes these sobering facts and statistics. Designing individualized treatment protocols for each person or pet with cancer, incorporating a proper diet, nutritional supplements, and other natural therapies offers a much better prognosis for the cancer patient. We now have large volumes of research to show exactly how these natural therapies work in killing cancer and extending the lives of cancer patients.

In my own practice, the average pet with cancer, given a prognosis of 6 to 12 months of life expectancy from conventional veterinarians, typically lives 12 to 24 months or even longer. Additionally, many pets with “incurable” cancers are cured from their cancers using an integrative approach to boost the pet’s immune system, kill cancer cells, reduce the spread of cancer, and detoxify the patient.

The world of integrative oncology offers much hope for the cancer patient. Integrative doctors are helping people and pets with cancer live longer lives and in many cases curing cancers that are still considered incurable by conventional medicine.

I encourage you to read my blogs posted at so that you will come to appreciate how important it is to diagnose cancer early and treat it properly using every tool available at your disposal.

BioTherapeutic Analysis-An Important Tool That May Save Your Pet’s Life

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Biotherapeutic analysis is a useful tool developed over 10 years ago to allow for extremely early detection of possible disease in apparently healthy pets. Through the use of biotherapeutics analysis, holistic veterinarians are able to diagnose subtle changes in the pet’s laboratory testing that allows for early intervention before the pet becomes ill.

Biotherapeutics analysis involves a special blood and urine profile (available to any veterinarian) which allows holistic doctors to get a comprehensive feel for a pet’s overall health. This testing, which is done every 6 to 12 months, allows the doctor to detect early, subtle changes that may indicate disease BEFORE the pet becomes clinically ill. Diagnosing subtle changes in the pet’s laboratory testing at this very early stage allows the doctor to intervene using natural therapies (homeopathics, nutritional supplements, herbal remedies, etc.) Early intervention can often prevent more serious problems from developing in the pet.

Using biotherapeutic analysis in my practice for over the last 10 years, I have detected a number of subtle changes in my patients that were very easily dealt with using a natural therapeutic approach. In the majority of cases, pets diagnosed using this approach and treated accordingly never developed more serious diseases. While I regularly consult with pet owners whose dogs and cats suffer from a whole host of problems including cancers, inflammatory bowel disease, seizures, liver disease, kidney disease, heart disease, and many other problems, the majority of my own patients who are routinely screened using biotherapeutic analysis do not develop such life-threatening problems.

The good news is that the cost of biotherapeutic analysis is very reasonable for the amount of information it provides. If you would like your veterinarian to do the testing, he can contact me for more information at Then I can consult with you and make recommendations based upon your pet’s testing.

While many pets do not have problems detected using this approach (offering peace of mind to their owners,) those that do are easily treated and monitored for the development of future health issues (which fortunately only develop in a rare number of pets.)

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