Radiation and Airport Screening-Do You Really Feel Safe?

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Well it finally happened. My wife was selected to go through the new whole body scanner at the airport yesterday. You know the one: you stand in the machine, get zapped with radiation, and all of the TSA employees get to see your naked body on the big screen!

I know the official government line-there’s not enough radiation produced by the machine to hurt you, no one but a properly trained TSA agent views your naked picture, and the images are never safe for others to view. To which I say… hogwash!

This is the same government that says that natural therapies such as nutritional supplements are harmful. This is the same government that says that natural therapies such as nutritional supplements don’t work. This is the same government that says that “approved” conventional medications have few side effects, only to remove these “approved” medications several years later when side effect mysteriously appear.

Since even tiny amounts of radiation are additive and potential (we don’t have to ask a government official to verify this and any high school physics student can verify it for you,) avoiding ANY unnecessary radiation is critical in preventing cancer and other medical problems.

And don’t forget that radiation damage is cumulative,meaning it adds up over the years. This is why, if you ever need radiation therapy for cancer, there is only so much radiation you can receive. Once you “max out,” you can’t have any more due to the high incidence of side effects such as more cancer. The radiation you received as a child during your first dental X-ray is part of your body, and has already damaged your DNA.

There is simply no reason for any citizen to expose himself or herself to unnecessary radiation (and don’t forget that the government officials who swear this “minimal exposure” to whole body radiation are not subjecting themselves to this screening procedure.) Additionally, the screening procedures currently in place at airports do little to ensure your safety on a flight.

Don’t believe me? Then consider this-on both of my flights over the last few days I forgot to remove my government-approved 3 ounce bottles of liquid from my luggage.

The normal screening procedure is to place the government-approved 3 ounce bottles of liquid in a separate clear government-approved plastic bag which is screened separately. At no time did any government official ask me, my wife, or my daughter to remove the bottles of liquid which were hiding in our luggage!

Additionally, keep in mind that no one ever screens exactly what is in these government- approved 3 ounce bottles of liquid. Since the liquids are not tested, any person getting on an airplane can easily carry explosive liquids on the plane with them!

My advice to all of you is to forgo exposing yourself to the unnecessary radiation you will receive by going through the new whole body scanner. There simply is no justifiable reason for the scanners and the use of them does not make us any safer. Join your fellow citizens in a nationwide boycott of these X-ray machines on November 24 and refuse to get any more radiation in the name of “safety.”

4 Medical Advances That Will Improve Your Pet’s Health

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There are several developments in veterinary medicine they can improve your pet’s health. In no particular order, they include:

Choline Loading

Choline is a chemical naturally produced by the body that is used as a precursor for the major nerve transmitter acetylcholine. Choline loading involves giving additional choline, through the use of supplements, to your pet. While I use choline supplementation as part of my treatment for a variety of medical problems (diabetes, liver disease, gallbladder disease, seizures, etc.) I find it most advantageous in the treatment of cognitive disorder (doggie and key Alzheimer’s disease.) Additionally, starting choline supplementation when pets begin to mature (I typically begin choline supplementation at five years of age for the dogs and cats in my practice,) can reduce and maybe even eliminate cognitive disorder as pets age. The product I have found particularly helpful (and one in which I have done a lot of research) is Cholodin by MVP Laboratories (http://www.petcarenaturally.com/supplements.php)


HA (hyaluronic acid) is a normal constituent of joint fluid. Providing additional HA in supplement form is very useful for pets with arthritis. I have found that supplementation with HA is often even more helpful than glucosamine in many cases, especially for patients with moderate to severe arthritis. It is one of my favorite supplements to use (along with other therapies) for pets that no longer respond to traditional joint supplements.

Immune Support

Regardless of your pet’s disease, using supplements (herbs, homeopathics, etc.) to support and possibly strengthen its immune system is an important part of therapy. Regardless of the treatment chosen, pets with an inadequate immune response to the disease will die from the disease. Your veterinarian can prescribe therapies to strengthen your pet’s immune system to help it recover from a number of diseases.

Minimize Vaccines

All the research that has been available for the last 10 years shows that most pets produce immunity that lasts longer than 12 months to most of the vaccines currently in use. This means that pets rarely need vaccinations after they enter adulthood. A simple blood antibody test called a titer test can tell your doctor which vaccines your pet may need. In my practice, most of my patients only receive vaccines every 5 to 10 years (rabies is an exception based upon state law) based upon titer testing.

Understanding the Use of Multiple Therapies in Treating Your Pet Naturally

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Here is a great discussion of using various natural therapies by my holistic colleague Dr.
Shauna Ault.

I’ve struggled with the concept of combining approaches as well. Especially as I’ve learned more and more modalities, I find I like to integrate them rather than abandon all the prior approaches in favor of the newest one. For example, when I learned Reconnective Healing, the teachers claimed that “now I wouldn’t need all those other therapies, because Reconnective Healing is the highest form of healing and everything else just gets in the way or negates it” — well, for someone with many “tools in the toolbox” this was not welcome news! Accordingly, while I’ve found that Reconnective Healing is indeed a powerful thing, the body still benefits from additional input like nutrition, herbs, homeopathy, bio-resonance therapy, chiropractic adjustments and acupuncture. So my take on it is that perhaps the healing energy now allows the body to respond to these other inputs, whereas before the healing it could not.

Now I am explaining this multi-modal approach to clients like this:

The therapies are functioning like an orchestra:

The “instruments” are the nutritional components — food, nutritional
supplements, and other building blocks of cellular metabolism. Without good instruments, there is no music.

The “instrument technician” is bio-resonance therapy — it keeps the
instruments in tune, thus eliminating distortion of the music and keeping it harmonious.

Removing cellular “noise” enables the cells to communicate efficiently and
appropriately, so the entire system functions well. NAET, Chiropractic and acupuncture
therapy also fit in this category.

The “musicians” are the herbal components, using their instruments in specific
ways to create the desired outcome.

The “conductor” is the homeopathic (or homotox) remedy, acting to direct the
musicians to play their instruments the appropriate notes, dynamics, tempo and cadence as written by the composer. This incorporates such elements as the animal’s occupation, lifestyle, and environment.

The “composer” is the creator of the animal’s life, which includes the owner’s
belief systems of creation, genetics / miasms, and life purpose. This is where
Reconnective Healing, divine intent, prayer, and sometimes therapies like classical
homeopathy and emotional therapies like Bach Flowers and NAET past life emotional
clearing, can come into play.

Some modalities play multiple roles, much like the percussion section can keep the tempo, heighten the emotions, play a melody or even comprise an entire piece of music.

This is what a well-chosen homeopathic remedy, TCM herbal + acupuncture formula, or BICOM regimen can accomplish.

Some beings are a solo, some are a symphony (and some are a heavy metal garage band!)

I believe what makes holistic practitioners so effective is that we can see our patients
from this or an analagous viewpoint, and discern which approach will fit each one. I
have some patients who only “choose” bio-resonance therapy or essential oils,
and they respond beautifully to their chosen modality. Others need, and benefit from,
the orchestral approach. The key is discernment. I know what they need and this comes with experience and time.

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