Cancer Guidelines from Dr. Shawn

As you know, we are really aggressive when it comes to diagnosing and treating cancer. We have developed a number of unique therapies to boost your pet’s immune system and fight the cancer, and often we can do this without using chemotherapy or radiation therapy. Our protocols are so successful that we even get referrals from area oncologists whose patients want our help!

One such therapy is our autosanguis detoxification therapy, a unique blood therapy involving various herbal and homeopathic remedies. This detoxification is designed as a gentle cleansing for all of our patients with any chronic illness, but especially those patients with cancer. At the time blood is drawn every 3 months for testing and monitoring, a tiny amount is mixed with the remedies and injected back into the pet’s body with some diluted even more and given to the pet orally at home, along with the pet’s other cancer supplements. This is one of our therapies that help our cancer patients live, on average, 6-12 months longer than expected (most pets with cancer treated only with chemotherapy or radiation tend to live shorter lives as the immune system is not supported and the cancer spreads quicker.)

We’re often asked whether or not a lump should be removed from the pet. We painlessly aspirate all lumps using a tiny needle and syringe. If the lump is a fatty tumor or cyst, removal may not be needed as many of these will not grow (if the lump is in a location where the pet could be uncomfortable, or if the owner has insurance and cost is not an issue, we will remove it.) For those cases where the lump is or may be cancerous, it is removed and a piece sent to the lab for diagnosis and prognosis, allowing us to fine tune our treatment to give the pet the best chance at cure and longevity.

Speaking of cancer, we have completed 2 years’ worth of blood testing pets to allow early diagnosis of cancer and other immune disorders. To date, over 90% of our canine patients show abnormalities on this testing. Some of these pets were diagnosed with cancer or other serious problems BEFORE acting ill, showing the benefit of this testing. Those not diagnosed with a serious problem had their blood abnormalities corrected to prevent serious problems later in life. If you have not had this testing done (the test measures your pet’s CRP, TK, and Vitamin D levels,) please call us to schedule this important testing.