New Year’s Resolutions

Each year I put together a list of ideas for my clients to consider for their pets. I’m happy to share it with you.

In 2016 I propose…..

To decrease the amount of vaccines and medications I give to my pets. Blood titer testing will eliminate vaccines for most pets, and choosing more natural therapies can decrease the amount of medications my pet needs.

To know my dog’s CRP, TK, and Vitamin D levels. Increased CRP/TK and decreased vitamin D can indicate undiagnosed cancer or other immune disorders and predispose my pet to developing a serious disease. A simple, inexpensive blood profile can tell me my pet’s numbers and allow me to help my pet before illness occurs.

To treat illness when first seen rather than wait a few days and watch my pet worsen. Early diagnosis and treatment is less expensive than treating a more serious problem and may save my pet’s life.

To treat skin and ear infections seriously and promptly. Many pets are being diagnosed with serious and potentially life-threatening MRSA infections, which can be transmitted to other pets and to people. Early diagnosis and prompt treatment is a must!

To seriously consider purchasing pet insurance. Pet insurance covers any illness or injury and can reimburse the cost of care up to 90%. Having pet insurance means it will be easier to allow expensive testing and treatment and can save my pet’s life.