Top Reasons Pets See Vets…And How Holistic Care Helps Them

According to several studies done by pet insurance companies, the most common reasons pets see their doctors, in addition to vaccines (which we know they don’t need,) are…

Skin problems
GI problems
Urinary Problems
Behavior Issues

Fortunately, all of these things are easily identified early, BEFORE your pet becomes ill, with a simple examination and a few basic lab tests. Any problems discovered during these tests are easily treated, usually without harmful drugs and chemicals, simply by using a few natural therapies.

A major difference between conventional and holistic medicine is that conventional doctors CAN’T treat a pet until a disease is present. Unfortunately, the presence of disease indicates a problem has been present and undiagnosed for a period of time and then finally clinical signs appear. This means that when a pet shows signs of illness the disease is no longer in its early stages but in its later stages. At this point it’s usually not possible to reverse the disease, although natural therapies are still helpful in arresting the disease and slowing down its progression.

As an example, a pet with elevated kidney enzymes but not yet sick can’t be helped by a conventional doctor because there are no drugs to treat this pet. Holistic medicine can do much to help restore this pet to health and in most cases prevent kidney failure. When we recognize subtle abnormalities we treat your pet immediately rather than wait for the problem to progress and then treat the pet when it’s really sick. This early intervention approach is just one of the many reasons our patients tend to live 3-5 years longer than pets only treated with conventional therapies.