Why Did I Get Cancer?!

When Sandy was first diagnosed with breast cancer a short time ago, to say that we were shocked by the diagnosis would be an understatement. After all, my wife is extremely healthy. She is rarely ill and rarely goes to the doctor for anything other than a basic checkup. She eats what we consider to be a healthy diet, constantly exercises, maintains a weight that is normal for her body composition (most cancer patients are overweight or obese, complicating their disease,) has a very healthy and positive prayer and spiritual life, and takes a number of nutritional supplements each day designed to keep her healthy.

The first question she asked was “How can I have cancer since I’m so healthy?” Unfortunately there is no answer to that question, although we do believe that infertility treatment she had many years ago may have contributed to the growth of malignant cells in her breast. For whatever reason the DNA in a few of her breast cells was damaged (cancer starts as DNA damage,) did not repair itself correctly (normal cells either repair damaged DNA or die,) the damaged cells failed to die (all cells except cancer cells eventually die, are killed, or “commit suicide,”) continued to grow (cancer cells utilize many unique ways to escape the immune system and normal barriers in the body to uninhibited growth,) and voila-cancer.

Lesson #1-Cancer does not discriminate

Cancer doesn’t care if you are rich or poor, black or white, male or female, healthy or unhealthy. It is an equal opportunity disease and can strike anyone at any time. It is true that healthy people are less likely to develop cancer, and when they do develop cancer it is less likely to be a serious disease that is more easily treated. But the diagnosis of cancer reminded both Sandy and me that anyone can get cancer.

Coming soon-Blog #3-Regular Checkups Allow Early Diagnosis-Mammography