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Dr. Shawn’s Simple Holistic Plan to Minimize Disease and Treat Problems

In my practice, I integrate conventional therapies (when appropriate) with complementary (alternative) therapies that may include acupuncture, magnetic therapy, homeopathy, homotoxicology, nutritional therapy, and Chinese or Western herbal therapy. When possible, our approach is to minimize conventional medications (saying” NO” to drugs) when appropriate.

While each pet is different, the following general approach will apply to most pets.

  1. Diet - Feeding the proper diet is the foundation upon which any integrative pet care program begins. Simply put, your pet is what he/she eats. Minimizing harmful byproducts and chemicals is essential. We encourage you to try any of the following natural diets including Nature’s Variety, Life's Abundance, Eagle Pack, Wysong, Solid Gold, Natural Balance, Muenster, Innova, California Naturals, Old Mother Hubbard, Halo, Spot’s Stew, or any similar natural food. Alternatively, you may wish to cook for your pet; an appropriate diet can be found in my books The Natural Health Bible for Dogs & Cats or 8 Weeks to a Healthy Dog.

  2. Minimize Vaccines - We recommend an annual blood antibody test called a titer test to determine if and when your pet might need vaccinations. If the titer is low, your pet might need a vaccine; if the titer is normal, no vaccine is needed. Rabies vaccination is a different case and vaccination schedules are based upon state law in consideration of your pet’s health.

  3. Minimize Toxins - While oral monthly heartworm preventive medication is important (we have not found any proven natural preventives) most pets do NOT need annual chemical flea and tick control (Frontline, Advantage, Advantix, Revolution, Program, etc.) We will discuss your pet’s need for parasite control and prefer natural therapies (using the chemicals only for a short time) when needed.

  4. Basic Vitamin/Mineral Supplement - The BEST product I have found is the PetCentrx brand called Vim & Vigor Formula made by Pet Togethers. In addition to the vitamins and minerals your pet requires, it contains colostrum (to support the immune system,) coenzyme Q-10 (a potent antioxidant that also supports the immune system and supports healthy teeth and gums, the heart, and is one of many supplements useful in treating cancer,) enzymes such as amylase/protease/cellulase that improve your pet’s digestion and absorption of nutrients from the diet, glucosamine (necessary to support normal joint and connective tissue function,) Siberian ginseng (which helps your pet adapt to various stressors,) and L-tryptophan (an amino acid included in the PM formula which helps ensure restful sleep.)

    The Vim & Vigor formula is my basic supplement for most pets. For pets 5 years of age and older I give the supplement Cholodin with the Vim & Vigor to delay or even prevent cognitive disorder (Alzheimer’s in dogs and cats.)

  5. Additional therapies (homeopathics, herbs, etc.) are needed depending upon your pet’s condition. For normal healthy pets no additional supplements are usually needed. See my Handouts page for a list of helpful information.

  6. Minimize Dental Disease - Dental disease is THE MOST COMMON disease in people and pets. Yet, it’s very easy to decrease the incidence of dental disease in your dog or cat. See my Minty Fresh Dental Spray page for more information about my specially formulated dental spray.

This approach is easy and inexpensive for most owners and has proven very successful in my practice. It is a basic program designed to minimize or delay the onset of serious problems such as cancer, bowel disease, thyroid disease, diabetes, disorders of the kidneys and liver, and autoimmune disorders.



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